Poodar Chu

Hope when you take that jump, you don't fear the fall.



I’m Poodar Chu(朱 本金 in Chinese).

I’ve graduate from SCUT as an honored graduate(Bachelor) in Fall 2018. From then, I started working on Autonomous Driving at Horizon Robotics. And I’ve decided to read my Ph.D. in about 2 years.

I’d been a RA at GZ Lab of Robotics and Intelligent Software,engaged in Machine Learning and Recommender Systems. Then I went to DiDi AI Lab, acted as an intern speech recognition engineer. After that, I became an intern algorithm engineer at Alibaba Group, in charge of online video recommendations. Now I’m an perception algorithm engineer at Horizon Robotics, and I’m enjoying it.

My personal interest has quiet a wide range: Autopilot, Reinforcement Learning, Speech, Robotics and so on.

Still, I’m open to opportunities to FMAAA(Facebook, Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon, Apple).

My CV is here: ENG, and my LinkedIn page is Here.